Rita Beaded Fringe Peacock Flapper Dress in Navy
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Rita Beaded Fringe Peacock Flapper Dress in Navy

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The look

The roaring 1920s with the mesmerizing Rita Beaded Fringe Peacock Flapper Dress. This exquisite garment transports you to an era of jazz-filled nights and extravagant parties. Adorned with intricate beading and shimmering sequins, this dress captures the essence of the flamboyant peacock, showcasing a brilliant array of jewel-toned feathers that cascade down in delicate fringe.


  • Intricately designed with exquisite beadwork and shimmering sequins
  • Features a mesmerizing cascade of jewel-toned peacock feathers in delicate fringe
  • Luxurious satin fabric hugs your curves and accentuates your figure
  • Plunging neckline and low back add a touch of allure and sophistication
  • Every movement creates a captivating spectacle as the beaded fringe sways and dances
  • Perfect for Gatsby-inspired parties, 1920s-themed events, or vintage glamour occasions