Festival Dresses

Festival Dresses

For those in the know, there is actually nothing better in life than escaping the real world and immersing yourself in a fabulous fantasy festival. However, there is no escaping the fact that we also want to look pretty darn cool in a fab festival dress stomping away in a muddy field. As usual, at Rock My Vintage, we reckon a little bit of retro makes festival fashion all the more interesting. Are you a Kate Moss boho babe? Then check out our colour popping festival maxi dresses for some Cochella charm or our crochet festival dress for a blitz of boho luxe. Perhaps you are a bold raver and crave our bright printed festival dresses to make you stand out in that swaying crowd... Read more

Maybe you like to channel your inner hippy so, for you, festival fashion means a 1970s floral clutch and blooming flower power outfits to get you back to nature whilst sleeping under canvas. Our rail of floral print festival dresses includes every style you desire, even cheeky little playsuits to avoid those sitting-on-shoulders related conundrums. In truth, whether you are heading to sunnier climates or roughing it in the UK downpours, our wardrobe will have your (slightly creased) festival outfits ready in no time. All you have to do is worry about how on earth you are going to straighten your hair every day! Perhaps get a vintage hat to take the worrying out of the equation.

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