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Vintage Christian Dior Earrings

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The look

There is something incredibly regal about these stunning vintage Christian Dior earrings with the stunning Topaz coloured square cut diamond and the decadent dusting of diamond like gemstones. We feel like a princess just looking at them so imagine how you would feel to put them on with a silken satin dress. Whilst it needs no introduction Dior has been producing designer costume jewellery for decades and has become one of the most iconic and collectible collections of the last century. These delicate and glamorous pair are a beautiful break from full on gold but still nail this season's baroque trend. We adore Dior. Simple.


These incredible early 80s Christian Dior earrings comprise a central large glass stone in turquoise topaz blue which are framed with circular diamante stones set in silver tone claw settings. They are clip on and bear the Chr.Dior marks on the rear of both earrings. Measure: 1.5 x 1.5 cm.

Condition: Excellent.