Great Gatsby Maxi Dress
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Great Gatsby Maxi Dress

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The look

In a world of LBDs, you really need to stand out when it comes to occasion dressing and this gorgeous Great Gatsby Maxi Dress is a show-stopping style sensation. We are literally beside ourselves with joy and excitement when we look at this incredible 1920s style maxi dress. The sheer panelling, the batwing sleeves, the Egyptian, fortune teller style tuck and those dazzling beads, it is MAGIC. If you want full on drama, add a beaded headband or turban and channel seductive, over the top speak easy style. If you want things on the low down, decorate with diamantes. Either way, this art deco maxi will have you seeing into a very fashionable future.


- Full length sheer black maxi dress with black under slip (I mean, come on, it's a dream).

- Linear beading (so darn deco).

- Elaborate tuck and pleat to skirt (goddess, belly dancer vibes).

- Loose bodice with caped sleeves (and the light shining through - swoon).

- All the drama of Cleopatra, all the shimmer of Liz Taylor (ta da).